Elementary School


Sion Salatiga Foundation established 2 elementary schools on the slopes of Merbabu that are dedicated to the people at Ngaduman, Cuntel, Thekelan village. The established primary schools are:
1. Karmel I Christian Primary School located in Ngaduman (belongs to Tajuk village work area, built in 1974)
2. Karmel II Christian Primary School located in Thekelan (belongs to the work area of Batur Getasan Village, built in 1975)

The Profile of Karmel I Christian Primary School
In the slopes of Merbabu there is a village called Ngaduman. A village that is very far from downtown district of Getasan, Semarang regency. Ngaduman is a remote village that in the early seventies had not been touched by educational civilization. This terrible condition at the time was a formidable challenge for the Sion Foundation to contribute its thoughts and efforts in eradicating society from the fetters of ignorance. For that reason, working with LEPKI, Sion Foundation held an illiteracy eradication program. Initially the participants were very limited, but in the long run it was necessary to improve the service because the participants of the literacy program were increasing. To meet the demands of the residents, the Sion Foundation established the First Elementary School, the Karmel I Christian Primary School, in 1974.

Yet due to the limited cost of the Sion Foundation had at the time, Karmel I Christian Primary School held their teaching-learning activities at the home of one of the residents who lent it with pleasure because of his awareness of the importance of education for their children.
With the existence of this Elementary School in Ngaduman, opens an opportunity of learning to the children from the remote village around Ngaduman village who are also not reached by education organized by the government. Children who want to go to school no longer need to go to a town far enough away from their village. Karmel I Christian elementary school has owned or occupied a permanent building, even so the foundation continues to develop, both in terms of human resources from teachers who are now teaching there or in terms of elementary school building itself.
In terms of educational quality, it is not far behind compare to the quality of education of other schools, even the Christian Karmel I Elementary School is the only primary school in a remote area that provides lessons of foreign languages, namely English. In addition, it is also the only primary school in remote areas that equip their administration with modern equipment, ie computers. The above conditions related to the quality and the equipment has been spurring their teachers to be more active in educating their students even if they have to struggle to meet the daily needs of their families by farming.

Profile of Karmel II Christian Primary School
Karmel II is Christian Primary School is located in the hamlet of Thekelan, Batur Village, District of Getasan. Thekelan Village is one of the highest hamlets located in the village of Batur and somewhat remote because it is far from the neighboring hamlets.
Initially to be able to get education at the basic level, Thekelan community must send their children to SDN Kopeng III or SDN Batur I which are located far from the village of Thekelan. This forced the children walk approximately 1 hour to school. Considering the hardship of the journey, the community figures were trying to find a closer school. Since Karmel I Christian Primary School was built at Ngaduman, Many of Thekelan community sent their children to this school. The people of Thekelan village who send their children away from their village moved their children to the Karmel I Christian Elementary School Ngaduman.

This encourages community leaders to ask the Sion Foundation officials to set up an elementary school in Thekelan. Moreover, it was because the trip to Ngaduman must pass through paths and pine forests which are risky especially in the rainy season. Finally on June 1, 1979 the foundation of Sion Foundation established a Primary School in this village and was given the name of Karmel II Christian Primary School.

Two subjects, Macapat traditional art of reading ancient manuscripts and Keprajuritan the traditional art of military skills, have made for several times, Karmel II Christian Primary School to be the Champion of the competition at Sub-district level, and move forward to District level. Extra -Curricular Activities held:

  • Scouts
  • Traditional Art of Military Skills
  • Introduction to English
  • Dance Arts
  • Little doctor