Sion Foundation Salatiga

The Sion Foundation is a nonprofit institution whose primary mission is to help and empower the poor and oppressed so that they can gain a better life, in terms of education, health, economics and the social issues surrounding them. The Sion Foundation was officially established on November 10, 1977, with its headquarters on Jln.Letjend Sukowati No. 74, Salatiga - Central Java - Indonesia.

As a deacon institution, Sion Foundation (YS) carries the duty of the church that is to be in the midst of society in order to present the signs of God's kingdom on earth. Through its presence, the Sion Foundation is expected to increase awareness of social issues, especially to participate in the process of human development in giving hopes, spreading love, and justice in the midst of the reality of human life.

Address: Jl. Letjend Sukowati No 74, Salatiga-Central Java-Indonesia
Phone: +62298 324745
Fax: +62298 34447
Bank Account: 0130197493 BNI 46 (Jl Jl Jendral Sudirman 34, Salatiga)