Name : Yayasan Sion Salatiga
Address : Jln. Letjend Sukowati No. 74, Salatiga Jawa Tengah – Indonesia
Legal : 54/2008 disyahkan perubahan dng nomor : 222/AD 2010
Phone : (0298) 324745
Fax : (0298) 325674

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Our Vision

"Becoming a Reliable Institution for Proclaiming the Good News Holistically in Presenting the Signs of God's Kingdom"

The vision can be explained as follows: A reliable institution is a trustworthy and integrity institution (one heart, mind, and deed, and law-abiding);

Proclaiming the good news holistically, is proclaiming salvation which liberates people from poverty, ignorance, oppression, and injustice based on, love, justice, truth, and peace;

Presenting the signs of the kingdom of God, the life of God's creation that is peaceful, prosperous, harmonious, just and loving.

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Our Mission

Conducting a more reliable, responsible and integrity governance.

Organizing activities aimed at proclaiming holistic salvation news which liberates ones from poverty (physical and spiritual), ignorance, oppression, and injustice.

Realizing the life of God's harmonious and loving creation.

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Activity of Sion Foundation Salatiga

Our Activity